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I've Got My IR Bar Code - Now What?
What do you do after you receive your bar code.

How to Register a Release with Nielsen SoundScan
Register your release with Nielsen and you could see your CD on Billboards top 100 someday!

Ordering Discounted Nielsen SoundScan DMA Reports
Order your Nielsen Soundscan Report to see how your album is doing.

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Musicians, Bands, Small Record Labels, CD manufacturers or for that matter any business that wants to put out their own CD or DVD - Read Every Single Word On This Webpage To Discover Everything You Need To Know, So You Can Get Started In The Music Industry And Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Want to Discover How to Get Your
Big Break and Become a Success
In The Music Industry?

At Independent Records, we understand your passion and commitment toward music;
and we're here to help.

If you're an aspiring musician who believes you’ve got what it takes, you can count on the expertise, proven track record, determination and dedication of Independent Records. We give you the straight goods.

Breaking into the record business is no easy feat. If your dream is to get your music into the hands of the widest possible audience, then the most effective way to establish yourself as a legitimate professional in the music industry is by having your DVD, CD, cassette, video, single, vinyl, 7 inch, or any other musical format - bar coded and registered with SoundScan.

Helping New Talent Get Noticed is Our Specialty!

If you are unfamiliar with SoundScan, SoundScan is an electronic network that provides information, so you can be found by major record companies, producers, radio stations, and concert promoters. These key industry players rely on SoundScan's weekly retail figures to understand what's hot and what's not.

In the past, signing with the major record label was one of the only options available for a new artist. The introduction of new technology has changed the way in which the music industry operates, and has played an integral role in the tremendous success of the Indie industry. Now, with Indies and the use of SoundScan, fresh ways of becoming a star have been born.

Break Through the Clutter!

Successful labels and publishers are constantly inundated with unsolicited material. So much so, that there isn’t enough hours in a day to listen to all of the tracks that they receive. To make matters worse, they consider 98% of this unsolicited material, pure trash. This viewpoint, coupled with the boom of “copyright infringement” lawsuits, has forced record companies to seek out other ways to find new talent.

Today, major record companies are working closely with the independent record labels to weed the good from the bad and they count on SoundScan for facts and data that reveal up-coming trends and consumer interests.

The switch to SoundScan data has drastically altered the Billboard charts and many new and upcoming artists have been catapulted into the limelight. Yes, even Billboard Magazine constructs their charts using SoundScan data.

SoundScan data is vital information that’s regularly scrutinized by new talent seekers. SoundScan provides accumulative nationwide sales totals, tallied from venue sales, as well as over 17,000 music stores in the US alone.

It’s a Numbers Game!

When working with Independent Records you’ll fully understand the SoundScan reporting procedures and if you choose, we can help you submit a “Title Addition” sheet to add your release into their database.

Plus with all retail chains and online stores, such as CDNow or, using bar codes, unless you want to sell your CD’s from the trunk of your car or from the back of your own studio garage, you really have no choice – you need a unique bar code. This bar code is a 12-digit number called a Universal Product Code Number.

Barcodes can be obtained in a couple of ways:

First, you need to determine whether it makes sense to establish your own UCC vendor code.

To get your own bar code you can go to the Uniform Code Council (UCC) at however it could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your needs. To create your own bar codes your minimum cost will require a $750 registration fee and an additional $150 annually to keep your account valid. When you factor in the cost of your bar code software and your valuable time, for artists not producing 10,000 releases it’s far more cost effective the Independent Records way.

Here’s the Better, More Affordable Way!

But you should clearly understand the difference.

At Independent Records we can provide you with an individual and entirely unique bar code for an unbelievably ridiculous price.

Here’s how it works:

A bar code is essentially just a 12-digit number and it is the last 6-digits of this number that makes it unique. If you are gifted at math, you will quickly realize that one UPC number can be assigned to up to 10,000 releases. Of course, producing 10,000 releases would require more than a lifetime in a recording studio, but for an Indie such as Independent Records it’s done all the time. This is how we can keep the price affordable for even a starving artist.

Furthermore, our solid reputation for honesty and trustworthy business practices is backed by strict policies and procedures that protect the interests of our artists.

When dealing with Independent Records you’ll…

Retain 100% of your profits – so no more doling out those expensive record label cuts
Have added peace of mind in this cutthroat and competitive industry
Maintain complete artistic control of your music - no more conforming to commercial interests
Flexibility to remove your release at any time from our label. There are NO CONTRACTS or exclusive agreements
Get immediate access to upcoming feature services and future discounts

For less than the cost of a meal at your favorite restaurant, you can register your DVDs, CDs, cassettes, videos, singles, vinyl, 7 inch, or any other musical format through Independent Records.

Order now! Get your bar code and you will be able to register your release, and start reporting your information to SoundScan right away. What are you waiting for?

Get on the Road to Musical Success!

Here's how to order right now!
To order our Bar Coding Registration Service just click the button below

When you register with Independent Records you are not stuck like glue. Remember, this is not an exclusive contract. You maintain full control of copyrights, licenses, publishing, profits, and best of all your royalties. Our services are ideal for anyone just starting out. As a small record label, entertainment company or manager, you can produce your release in conjunction with your record label or entertainment company.

Isn’t it time that you started your journey to fame and fortune?

Order your unique bar code so that SoundScan can track your music and get your sales information into the right hands.

Since 1998 Independent Records has helped thousands of artists and filmmakers put their DVD, CD, cassette, video, single, vinyl, 7 inch, or any other musical format into the marketplace. Combined with all of our other outstanding services, Independent Records can be trusted to help you from start to finish.

Independent Records is a member of the Better Business Bureau so you know that our reputation is spotless and our integrity is guaranteed. Our personalized attention will provide you with complete peace of mind; we take exceptional care to ensure your bar code numbers are unique and not inadvertently duplicated.

We invite you to check us out for yourself at or take the time to hear what our customers have said about our services.


"Through Independent Records, recording artist Rikki Lee Travolta has been able to reach a worldwide fan base leading to his inclusion on the 2003 Grammy nomination ballot in six categories including Best New Artist and Song of the Year."
Drake Miezel - Prime Time Entertainment - Chicago, IL

"My experience with Independent Records has been very positive. Independent Records has given me the tools to make my CD project come to life. Being associated with the label has allowed me to gain airplay and has given me credibility through having an actual product number that can be registered with soundscan and barcode that can be used to assist with getting distributors lined up. Dealing with Independent Records has taught me a lot about the 'business' of my songwriting craft."
Michael Coleman

"I had my haunted house soundtrack CD mastered at another design house and they use your barcode services. Your service was low cost and easy to use and fit perfectly within my product. Stores have been happy with the barcode and labeling and people love the weird spooky ambience of the CD. Once it gets time for our next release, you very much have a customer for life.
Antonio Gonzalez jr., Free Spirit Enterprises, "Dark Matter"

There is No Time to Wait!

Order now and you will receive…

A bar code that is assigned and generated specifically for your release
Inclusion in our online artist catalog
Access to the SoundScan “Title Addition” sheet
Access to numerous musician discounts

So forget the $750.00, for the incredibly low price of $19.95 you can take the first step towards breaking into the record industry and get a single format label registration. Bundled pricing is also available, so if you need more than one bar code you’ll see more savings. Please link to for full pricing details and other service offerings


Here's how to order right now!
To order our Bar Coding Registration Service just click the button below

To your success,
The Independent Records Team


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