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True Distribution for Independent Labels & Artists
Artist1Stop has been developed to create an affordable and efficient physical and digital distribution solution for independent artists and labels. We have devised an on-demand distribution service that will enable your CD/DVD to be available at thousands of stores, hundreds of digital services and many major online retailers. This totally unique service is offered at the price of just $295 (less than $25/mo) for the first title and $150 for each additional title for the first year. Additional 1 year terms are only $100 per title.
Artist1Stop makes it easy and profitable for independents to get their product into the hands of consumers. Retailers, including online retailers e.g.,, can purchase Artist1Stop releases from the following one-stops: Alliance Entertainment Corporation (AEC) and Baker & Taylor Inc., the two largest one-stops in the country.
The Artist1Stop program includes:
• National on-demand distribution to over 4,000 retailers that sell music including but not limited to chains like Barnes & Noble, Circuit City, Hastings, Rasputins and Newbury Comics as well as hundreds of independent stores (including the Coalition of Independent Music Stores – Retailers can purchase Artist1Stop releases from the following One-Stops: Alliance Entertainment Corporation (AEC) and Baker & Taylor Inc., the two largest one-stops in the country.
Benefit: Almost all music stores in the country buy from AEC and Baker & Taylor. By participating in Artist1Stop virtually any store in any part of the country will be able to purchase your music.
• Artist1Stop will Digitally Distribute your music to over 300 digital retailers via IODA, the leading independent digital distributor, including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and eMusic.
Benefit: Digital sales are 20% of music sales currently and projected to be 40% by 2012.

• Your music is submitted to Muze and All Music Guide, the industry’s two leading online music content providers.
Benefit: Without servicing Muze and AMG, your music would not appear on any online stores e.g. This allows sound samples, cover art and other information from your product to be displayed. This makes your CD easy to locate and buy by your fans and just about anyone in the world with internet access and a credit card!
• Global distribution is available through leading online retailers including but not limited to: barnes&,,,,,,,,, and
Benefit: Now you can list a handful of these great online retailers on your site and direct your fans to the proper locations. Many of the sites have sound samples and also compare your music with other similar music to reach fans in the same genre.
• Product sales figures submitted to SoundScan
Benefit: SoundScan is a way to track retail sales nationwide. This is a great way for major labels, concert promoters and A&R reps to analyze how your album is selling.
• We submit your track titles to the CDDB Database a.k.a. Gracenote
Benefit: Gracenote allows your music to be part of digital services like iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, etc...
• Warehousing and fulfillment for all orders - Skip the hassle of consignment! Now all order processing and accounting from the accounts we set up are handled by Artist1stop!
Benefit: It can be a full time job for an artist or label to fulfill various warehouses, sites and check up on store sales. We take that headache away leaving the artistry up to you! Now fulfill all of your order requests from one location!

1. Submit your CD for review. If we haven’t already seen the CD and confirmed it to be retail ready, you’ll need to send us a copy for review. Legal barcode, professional artwork, spine and shrink-wrap are what define a retail-ready product. Don’t have barcode or shrink-wrap? We can provide these for you for a small fee. Contact for pricing.
2. We’ll contact you. We’ll be in touch to let you know if your product is acceptable for retail distribution, so please make sure your contact info is legible and correct.
3. We’ll send you an Artist1Stop Agreement. This agreement contains two important documents you must complete and return: the Distribution Agreement and the Artist New Release Form. The Distribution Agreement outlines exactly what services we’ll provide to you and how we’ll provide them. The Artist New Release Form provides us with essential info we need about your title.
4. The Artist (or representative) mails payment, signed agreement and products. In order for us to initiate the set up process we’ll need your payment, signed Artist1Stop Agreement and 4 CDs of the title we’ll be distributing. 3 CDs will be used to send to our content providers databanks and online retailers and we’ll keep 1 CD with your file. These 4 CDs are not for sale and have no commercial value. We’ll be in contact with you after we’ve started your product set up process to have you ship your 30 CDs to our warehouse as inventory for order fulfillment (We’ll contact you via e-mail. We’ll only phone you if you do not respond to your e-mail in a timely manner). Please print out and include the packing slip that was sent to you via e-mail from our “Director of Product Setup” with your CDs and only send the CDs to the warehouse fulfillment center after we’ve requested them. (FYI: warehouse fulfillment center address Artist1Stop, 2650 18th Street, 1st Floor, Denver CO 80211).
5. The set up process usually take 4-6 weeks to complete: Servicing one-stops and entry into their databases takes 2- 4 weeks - Muze and AMG servicing, encoding, and database entry 2- 4 weeks - Servicing IODA, data entry, encoding, and delivery to digital services is 4-6 weeks.
6. CD Sales and re-ordering. As your inventory begins to sell through stores and online retailers, you’ll be issued a Purchase Order to replenish your title in our warehouse.
7. Payment:. The Artist is eligible for payment 90 days after product has shipped from our warehouse to our accounts. Please refer to the Product Pricing page for more info.


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