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Independent Records constantly works hard to try and get you valuable services for your music. Now, via our partnership with Max Mastering, you have the opportunity to get affordable mastering services for your music. The way Max Mastering works is you send in your CDR or CD along with another CD that you like the sound of or think is compatible with your music (and/or any comments you might have), along with $35.00 (processing & shipping) and we will master it and return you a proof CD. If you like it, pay the bill and we will send you two copies of the master. If you don't like it then don 't pay the bill. The most you will loose is $35.00.

Its all in how it sounds, let your ears be the judge.

Basic Mastering Rates:
The basic mastering includes processes like EQ, compression, limiting, loudness, enhancing, etc. The Independent Records promotional mastering rates are only $25.00 per song (thats $10 off the regular price per song!). And $20 per song for a full album (10 or more songs).

For more information, click here to visit the Max Mastering website.

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