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To get your music into the hands of the widest possible audience, and establish yourself as a legitimate artist, you must get your material bar coded...

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To sell CD’s your image and exposure means everything and from covers to websites you’ll need impact. You’ll want to get it done right the first time...

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Finding affordable mastering services are easier than you think.


For serious artist or small label, using a distribution expert is the way to go. Having a company dedicated to promoting your music can quickly and easily get your material on the Internet as well as in your local stores...

Radio Airplay

Getting your music on the radio can be easy with the right connections. We’ve hooked up with a great promotion company that you can trust...

What We Do

Independent Records started out one day as an idea in the basement of a studio. Chris Midkiff, founder of IR, was trying to get one of his bands he had been recording to sell their music in stores and catalogues. They spent about $4000 recording and getting their CDs produced, but never thought about getting a bar code for it. Low and behold he found it almost impossible for his indie band to sell their stuff due to that one little problem. No bar codes ... No deal.

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Musicians, Bands, Small Record Labels, CD manufacturers or for that matter any business that wants to put out their own CD or DVD -


CD Manufacturers for the independent musician. Scroll through this list to find more information on the different manufacturing companies.

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