Barcode Registration Service

To Order Your Unique Bar Code,
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ou may order with a credit card using our secure online shopping cart. Remember, when you register with Independent Records you maintain full control of copyrights, licenses, publishing, profits, and best of all your royalties.

When ordering, you will receive:
  • Bar Code
  • Independent Records Logo
  • The SoundScan "Title Addition" Form

Are you releasing your title in different formats?

If you are planning to release your title in multiple formats (i.e. DVD, CD, cassette, video, single, vinyl, or 7 inch) you will need to have a unique bar code for each format. Your ordering choices are as follows:

Single Format Label Registration

will register a single item.


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Two Format Label

two format items (i.e. CD or cassette).


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Three Format Label Registration

will register three format items.


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